Return to Work Services Overview

Posted on Tuesday, August 08, 2017 in Employee Benefits

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Return to Work Services Overview

   Are you aware of the financial benefits of an effective return to work program?

·     The longer a workers’ compensation claim stays open, the more it will cost you. Roeding Group Companies can help you implement a comprehensive return to work program that will protect your bottom line, while still providing your employees with appropriate care.

Do you have the right documentation for a successful return to work program?

·     Documentation and collaboration are key aspects of any return to work program. We have all the forms necessary to document every step of the process and ensure that everyone at your business is on the same page.

How do you communicate your return to work program to employees?

·     Our employee communications take the mystery out of the return to work process, so your employees can focus on their rehab and recovery instead of worrying about filling out the wrong form.


Develop comprehensive return to work policies and programs at your business so employees and management are aware of their responsibilities in the event of a workers’ compensation claim

Alternate duties suggestion flowchart

Use these suggestions for alternate work duties to transition injured employees into roles that best suit their care plans.


Make communication a priority during the return to work process by using these customizable letters and evaluation forms to stay in contact with employees and physicians.

Employee communications

Let all of your employees know that their recovery and well-being is a priority with these employee-facing articles.

Injury and illness investigation programs

Make sure that injuries and illnesses only cost you a single time by investigating the true sources of workplace incidents and reducing the chances of re-occurrences.